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Polypropylene pp placemat professional factory

Meanwhile, our production staff will order the cartons and pp polybags for the Polypropylene pp placemat from the professional factory and, when finished, the workers will packing the placemats sorted in cartons. We take every possible care in packaging of our products to ensure their safe transit and delivery. We use good packing materials and also ensure that they are not scratched or damaged during transit.

Polypropylene pp placemat packaging

After finishing the Die cut, we will begin to pack the Polypropylene pp placemat in the 0pp polybag, provided that customers ordered the 4+4 placemat sets(4pcs placemat and 4 pcs coaster). The packing stage is also very important, for the workers should be more careful when packing, and some of the placemats may be inferior or blured, so, as a skilled worker, they will pick these out. So it will be controlled very well by our professional QC team.

Polypropylene pp placemat Die cut

Thirdly, we will die cut the Polypropylene pp placemat by our 10 Die-cut machines. We can cut 20,000pcs per machine each day, while 200,000pcs by 10 machines each day in normal working time, so we can guarantee any volume orders to meet customers’ requirement, and whatever shape customer require is available for us.

Polypropylene PP Placemat Printing

Then we will arrange the printing, the printing capacity and capability of us is 5000 pcs per hour at least by our two New-brand Heidelberg printing machine each, so we will finish the printing of 250,000 pp sheet in 2 days at most. We use the quality printing ink, which is made of eco-friendly and non-toxic material, so it will not fade easily, and could be used for years, for the inferior printing ink will produce a awful odor. [...]

Polypropylene PP Placemat Production Procedure

Polypropylene PP Placemat Production Procedure: We will make the 1,000,000 pcs pp sheet by our 8 pp sheet extruders in 10 days, one pp sheet extruder could extrude 3125 pcs(size:87*57cm) per day,12 working hours per day, so we will finish the 250,000 pcs pp sheet in 10 days at most.  If work by 2 shifts system, 24 hours per day, then pp sheet production will be finished in 5 days. All the Polypropylene PP Placemat sheets are made from premium [...]