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Polypropylene pp placemat packaging

After finishing the Die cut, we will begin to pack the Polypropylene pp placemat in the 0pp polybag, provided that customers ordered the 4+4 placemat sets(4pcs placemat and 4 pcs coaster). The packing stage is also very important, for the workers should be more careful when packing, and some of the placemats may be inferior or blured, so, as a skilled worker, they will pick these out. So it will be controlled very well by our professional QC team.

Polypropylene pp placemat Die cut

Thirdly, we will die cut the Polypropylene pp placemat by our 10 Die-cut machines. We can cut 20,000pcs per machine each day, while 200,000pcs by 10 machines each day in normal working time, so we can guarantee any volume orders to meet customers’ requirement, and whatever shape customer require is available for us.