3D Placemat

Congxin-housewares offers designed 3D Lenticular Place mat with the art full color digital printers. 3D Placemat Make mealtimes fun with this bright & colorful placemat, featuring lenticular design and high quality placemat at low price.

The 3D Placemats Look Amazing as Dining Decor

We are the leading manufacturers of the PP Placemats that designs and develops these items in a wide range of styles and textures. Use it on the dining tables or as floor mats, these look phenomenal with their textures. If you’re seeking superior quality 3D Placemats, consider us as best dealers to cater to your PPC needs. We know what you want and therefore, make it possible just for our customers to enjoy an array of product range in this segment. At Congxin Housewares, we build robust relationships with our customers with the aim to provide the best of the products in this segment. For us, customer satisfaction is our top-most priority and therefore, we leave no loops behind to bring our best products and services forward. The 3D placemat are available in a wide range of 3D designs in vibrant colors. Buy 3D prints for kids’ room and give a unique dimension to their rooms with such unique products.

Some of the popular 3D prints include colourful floral arrangements, chequered designs or modern art depicted on the cotton placemats just to suit your interiors. We are the best in offering 3D placemats and offer some of the amazing designs in this segment. Choose your placemat from our portal and have it delivered right to the doorsteps.